New Home for the Blog

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There’s no reason you should be seeing this, unless the redirect function breaks down or I forget to pay for it some year…but the blog is now located at:

Actually, as it stands the date I’m posting that, that URL is actually a portal to Better With Smoke and my other blogs. Point is, if you’re here right now, go to the link above for where you NEED to be. 🙂



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The transition to self-hosting is going piss-poor. I thought it would be relatively simple to move the blog contents to my new GoDaddy-based account (and, in fact, my wife and I moved a blog of hers there months ago), but for some reason I cannot figure this crap out.

So, for now, back here to free WordPress until I can figure out how to make the shit work right.

Mildly Smoky Chit-Chat

•July 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

Another article up (by me) at EdenCafe. It’s not fetish-related per se, but my smoking fetish does come up several times, and it may be worth a few chuckles to some of you while I slowly plod through the next chapter of “Picture Perfect” (yup, life intruded again).

You can find it here:

Can I Get a (Temporary) Empty Nest, Please?

See you soon, I hope, with some more fiction.

Changes On the Way

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Well, at least one change is a re-change. As you might recall, I started doing reviews of sex toys recently. Well, apparently, the links in those reviews to the sex toy company were perceived to be commercial in nature (even though I wasn’t paid for the reviews), and so were being treated as advertising (even though they appeared in only a handful of blog posts).

As such, all the links were rendered impotent by WordPress powers that be, and I have turned all those review posts into private posts lest I get my account cancelled for what they see as a violation of the rules, apparently.

Those reviews will go back up in the near future though, which brings me to my bigger change: I will be moving to a paid self-hosting plan of some sort instead of the free WordPress offering.

This won’t mean a whole lot to most of you, except that my blog will likely look different since I may not have access to this template anymore, and I may start running some kind of advertising or soliciting sponsored material at times.

In other words, if I’m going to have to pay monthly for this blog going forward, I might as well see what small income I can glean from it to pay for those fees.

I hope this doesn’t disturb anyone or turn anyone off. I don’t plan to plaster the whole blog with tons of ads, but obviously, now that I’m getting some small attention, even if it is only for reviewing sex toys (and getting to keep them afterward), I might as well let a little of my inner capitalist out. Don’t worry, it won’t cost any of you readers a dime to come here unless I decide to put up a donation button and you decide to be generous from time to time. 😉

Now, whether I figure out some way to offer something you or others might want to buy, that remains to be seen, and certainly is possible. But I won’t charge admission to the blog at any point, and you’ll always have a plethora of free erotica to enjoy here.

More Articles on Non-Smoking Topics

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Forgot to mention that my wife wrote a new blog post at our Blogs in the Key of X site, titled “Even Freaks Have Standards!” Hope you read and enjoy. Even with two of us, that blog definitely isn’t seeing enough posting love. Need to fix that.

Also, a couple articles by me appeared in recent weeks at EdenCafe:

Sliding Down that Slippery Slope…or Aisle…Or…


So Many Labels, So Little Consensus

All right, off with me for now, to start making more progress on the next chapter of “Picture Perfect.”

Times Change

•July 20, 2011 • 2 Comments

Another longer-than-expected absence from fiction-writing around here, though I do have the next chapter of “Picture Perfect” in progress.

In the meantime, I’ll have a couple other posts over the next few days, the first of which being this one, which will serve as a very short update in the “Smokedawg Lights Up” commentary.

With my stepson home for the summer (mostly), the ability to smoke has gone down considerably, though he did go out of town on business for his dad for a few days, which gave me the chance to indulge in some naughty and smoky fun, and there have been some mornings when he’s been helping his mom out at her place of work when I’ve been able to sneak in a couple sessions (when work deadlines aren’t looming).

Today was one of those days, as I’ve been a bit pent up, and as usual, I do a good job of hiding the evidence of my activities, including burning some incense to cover up the smoke (after all, why would there be any traces of smoke when his mom, the smoker in the family, isn’t in the house).

When they got home in the early afternoon, he immediately identified not only the incense but the type (nag champa), which is kind of funny. It wasn’t one of those “busted” moments because burning incense in this house for air freshening isn’t anything all that odd.

What was interesting to me, though, was when my wife quietly asked me, “Did you smoke?”

No oddness in her voice. No recrimination.

And my simple answer, without hesitation, “Yeah, though truth be told, with the heat and humidity lately, the air probably needed freshening anyway.”

Just a part of life now, and nothing odd. No worries about the “habit” that isn’t exactly a habit of the traditional sort. No awkwardness.

Feels nice.

One New Article, One New Post

•June 15, 2011 • 2 Comments

I expect to have another chapter of “Picture Perfect” up this week or early next.

In the meantime, two bits of other writing from me:

At Blogs in the Key of X, which my wife and I jointly operate, a post about our excursions into dominance and submission. The surprise is that the D in the D/s is me, and I explain the ups and downs of that journey. You can read it here.

At EdenCafe, my article “Born that Way? Please Say It Ain’t So!” which you can read here, and in which I explain why I think it would be a very bad thing if we discovered homosexuality, kinkiness and other alternative orientations were found to have a genetic origin.

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